Be Careful with Coin

Coin, a new startup planning on providing a single electronic card to store all your credit card information, may be a product you should wait to buy

Posted on 12/16/2013

While Coin is advertising their product and selling pre-orders, they don't actually have a working product yet:

Coin, the San Francisco company promoting the device of the same name, promises to declutter your wallet because you’ll no longer need to carry all your credit and ATM cards. Enter your credit card numbers into the device. Then, when you want to pay for something, scroll through and choose the one you want — the Coin device is swiped just like a regular card. You can also use it in card readers like ATMs.

Coin is not handing the cards out for review because they are not in production yet. It promises to have them ready by this summer. The company is raising money to build them by asking people to pay in advance. (All the ads you see online, and there are loads of them, are paid for with investors’ money, not those orders, the company says.)


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