I understand that. I think it’s genetic. I don’t want to blame it on my parents and my grandparents. But you don’t need to be all that warm when you’re born and raised in Linton, Ind., and working in a coal mine. They weren’t hiring coal miners on the basis of their personalities. Inside, I feel like everything’s firing properly. And then when I look at a videotape, I just think, What the hell is Dave [angry] about? When in fact I’m not [angry]. We used to do that with my mom. We’d say, “Mom, are you all right?” Because she’d sit there looking dour. And she’d say [shouting], “I’m fine!” It’s the Golden Rule. I try to be nice to people who are nice to me. I like doing nice things for people. It makes me feel good. But I think it’s legitimate.

David Letterman, responding to a question about his reputation of not being a warm person

Posted on 5/14/2015
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