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Thousands of college students are looking for your products and services every day. New students arrive each year and don’t know where to eat or what places deliver late. Where to get their oil changed or what gym to use. And college students are definitely looking for products, happy hours, and coupons. When these young customers are in need, can they find your business?

How can UCampus help your business?

College life is hectic. Students are dropped into a new city with a completely new set of freedoms and responsibilities and are forced to fend for themselves. UCampus helps college students navigate this unfamiliar landscape and find and connect to their new world. Students are finding UCampus is the best resource to use to stay updated and to consult for daily purchasing decisions.

For businesses, UCampus offers a very clear advantage: reach these customers before your competitors and make a lasting impression on their purchasing habits. Our premium accounts appear at the top of all search results, so every time a user checks the site for open restaurants, current drink products, or available delivery options, our premium businesses appear front and center and are put in a position to succeed. Additionally, premium businesses can add online coupons and menus, further distinguishing themselves from their competitors. With our low monthly prices, UCampus truly is the most cost effective way to reach college students in your city.

Premium Accounts with UCampus

Sign up for a free 30 day trial for one of our Premium Accounts and experience the most effective way to connect with college students in your city. Add coupons, add your menu, showcase your products...put your business in a position to succeed starting as low as $10/month.

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Free Accounts with UCampus

Take control of your free online profile and connect with thousands of college students in your city. Add your business’s hours and products and let students know when you’re open and when you’re offering new deals.

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Advertising with UCampus

Increase exposure to your business and complement your Premium Listing by taking advantage of our affordable advertising packages. Completely customize your campaign to fit your needs. Contact us now and one of our Sales Reps will be in touch shortly.

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