UCampus is a growing network of school specific web communities, each helping college students better connect to their city and school.

Helping You Find Your World

UCampus connects students to what they need. College life is hectic and UCampus helps students navigate their busy lives by providing easy access to all available on and off campus resources.

Each UCampus homepage showcases links to the most important online resources and updates daily with essential messages and alerts about student life. However, the college experience is more than just life on campus. Local restaurants and bars, happy hours and products, events and activities... information about these resources is essential to life as a college student. Our goal is to provide students with a simple way to find and connect to these options.

Emphasis on Your School and Your City

Each site on the UCampus network is customized with unique content, domain names, links, information and colors. Current students help UCampus manage and write for each specific site, creating a distinct personality completely unique to that city and campus. We believe in staying local and focusing on the individual needs of each community because that's what is best for users. We're less a universal social networking platform and more a collection of one-of-a-kind communities, each committed to helping their users navigate college life.

Using UCampus

Our student staff updates each site every day with a range of content, everything from reminders about study abroad application deadlines to viral videos. UCampus truly is a one click platform to all of a student's daily information. Additionally, students can use the Directory and Products pages to find and search for open restaurants and bars, current food and drink products, happy hours, coupons, events and more. Explore your campus site and find out more about your school and city.

UCampus for Local Businesses

UCampus is one of the most effective ways for local businesses to connect with college students in their city. Each site hosts a comprehensive directory featuring information about life on and off campus. Students use UCampus daily to find what they need: local restaurants, bars, activities, events, and local services.

Local businesses are encouraged to claim their free online profile and add their information, hours, and daily products. Business owners can also upgrade to a premium account for a small monthly fee and add coupons, menus, and logos. Additionally, all premium accounts have an enhanced display and are featured at the top of every relevant search result. Visit our UCampus for Businesses page for more information.